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    Kerala’s Alappuzha Among 5 Global Cities in UN List to Successfully Manage Solid Waste 

    Alappuzha, a coastal city of Kerala, has been listed in a United Nations (UN) report of 5 global cities that have successfully tackled solid waste management.

    The UN Environment report lists Alappuzha, also called Aleppey, along with cities like Osaka in Japan, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Penang in Malaysia and Cajica in Colombia.

    The report has called the town’s municipality “progressive”. 

    A few years ago, roadsides and canals filled with stinking garbage were threatening Alappuzha’s status as a tourist destination.

    After that, the municipality had set up a de-centralised waste management system to separate biodegradable waste at the ward level.

    About Alappuzha

    Alappuzha also known as "Alleppey" , is the administrative headquarters of Alappuzha District of Kerala state of southern India. 

    Alappuzha is a city and a municipality in Kerala with an urban population of 174,164 and third among the districts having highest literacy rate in Kerala. 

    In 2016, Centre for Science and Environment rated Alappuzha as the top cleanest town in India followed by Mysuru & Panaji

    Alappuzha is considered to be the oldest planned city in this region and the lighthouse built on the coast of the city is the first of its kind along the Laccadive Sea coast .

    A town with picturesque canals, backwaters, beaches, and lagoons, it was described as the one of the places known as the "Venice of the East" by Lord Curzon.

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