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    GK Dose 4-One liners-By Mohit Rana
    One Liners-
    1.) Which is the first university of the world-Taxila University
    2.) Who was the first woman president of UN General Assembly-Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit(1953)
    3.) Who was the first person to step on the moon-Neil Armstrong(USA)
    4.) Name the first European to visit China-Marco Polo
    5.) Who was the first person to hit double century in One Day International Match-Sachin Tendulkar
    6.) Which was the first country to make a constitution-USA
    7.) Which was the first country to sign to a nuclear deal with India-France
    8.) Name the country which had started Civil Services Competition for the first time-China
    9.) Name the first religion of the World-Sanatan Dharma
    10.) world's first cloned human baby-Eve
    11.) Which is the longest mountain range-Andes, South America
    12.) Which is the highest mountain range-Himalayas
    13.) Name the largest sea port of the world-Shanghai(China)
    14.) Name the most intelligent animal-Chimpanzee
    15.) Which is the deepest and the biggest ocean of the world-The Pacific Ocean
    16.) Longest river of the world-Nile
    17.) Tallest building of the world-Burj Khalifa,Dubai(828m)
    18.) Lightest gas on the Earth-Hydrogen
    19.) Lightest metal on Earth-Lithium
    20.) Element which has the highest melting point-Tungstan,34100 Degree Celsius
    21.) Name the Capital of Israel-Jerusalem
    22.) Old name of Myanmar-Burma
    23.) Capital of Greece-Athens
    24.) Currency of Bangladesh-Taka
    25.) Capital of Bangladesh-Dhaka
    26.)Capital Of Lakshadweep island-Kavaratti
    27.) Which state in the country India provides for dual citizenship-Jammu and Kashmir
    28.) National Emblem of the country Pakistan -Crescent and Star 🌟 
    29.) Legislature name of the country Japan-Diet
    30.) Symbol of ' Flag down at half must'-Symbol of National mourning
    31.) Who was the father of Indian Nuclear Science-Homi Jahangir Bhabha
    32.) Who was the father of computers-Charles Babbage
    33.) Name the detective agency of the country Iraq-General Security Directorate
    34.) Father of Sociology-Auguste Comte
    35.) How many Judges sits in the supreme court-31(1-CJI,30-Judges)
    36.) Where is Machu Picchu located-Peru
    37.) Where is Chicken Itza located-Mexico
    38.) Who was the first prime minister of India who resigned before the full term-Morarji Desai
    39.) Who was the first home minister of India-Sardar Vallabhai Patel
    40.) Who was the first and the last Indian Governer-General of Free India-C.Rajagopalachari
    41.) What is the salary of the governer of a state-₹110,000
    42.)Who is the Vice-President of India-Mohammad Hamid Ansari
    43.) Who is the Chief Minister of Delhi-Arving Kejrival
    44.) Name the first satellite of India-Aryabhatta
    45.) First Indian to swim across the English Channel-Mihir Sen
    46.) First Indian woman to recurrence Bharat Ratna-Indira Gandhi
    47.) Governer of RBI-Urjit Patel
    48.)Chief Of Indian Army-General Dalbir Singh Suhag
    49.) World Aids Day is celebrated on-1st December
    50.) World science Day is celebrated on-28th February
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