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    GK Dose 3- Science
    Vitamins - Deficiency...
     Vitamin A - Night-blindness,
     Hyperkeratosis, and Keratoma
     Vitamin B1 - Beriberi, Wernicke-
     Korsakoff syndrome
     Vitamin B2 - Ariboflavinosis, Glossitis,
     Angular stomatitis
     Vitamin B3 - Pellagra
     Vitamin B5 - Paresthesia
     Vitamin B6 - Anemia peripheral
     Vitamin B7 - Dermatitis, enteritis
     Vitamin B9 - Megaloblastic anemia
     and Deficiency during pregnancy is
     associated with birth defects, such as
     neural tube defects
     Vitamin B12 - Megaloblastic anemia
     Vitamin C - Scurvy
     Vitamin D - Rickets and Osteomalacia
     Vitamin E - Deficiency is very rare;
     sterility in males and abortions in
     females, mild hemolytic anemia in
     newborn infants.
     Vitamin K - Bleeding diathesis
     .Aluminium - Bauxite
     .Beryllium - Beryl
     .Chromium - Chromite
     .Cobalt - Cobaltite
     .Copper - Bornite, Chalcocite
     .Gold - Quartz
     . Iron - Magnetite
     .Lead - Galena
     .Manganese - Pyrolusite
     .Mercury - Cinnabar
     .Nickel - Pentlandite
     .Tin - Casseterite
     .Tungsten - Wolframite, Scheelite
     .Silver - Argentite
     .Uranium - Uraninite
     .Zinc - Sphalerite
     .Metal most abundant in earth’s
     crust : Aluminium
     .Metal which forms amalgam with
     other elements : Mercury
     .Metal used in a fuse wire and also in
     solder : Lead-tin alloy
     .Metal used in the filament of a bulb :
     .Metal which pollutes the air of cities
     having large number of vehicles : Lead
     (reason for using
     unleaded petrol)
     .Metal used for making boats
     because it does not corrode by
     seawater : Titanium..
     .Duralumin - Aluminium and Copper
     . Brass - Copper and Zinc
     .Bronze - Copper and Tin
     .Invar - Iron and Nickel
     .Stainless steel - Iron, Chromium and
     . German Silver - Copper, Nickel and
     .Gunmetal - Copper, Tin and Zinc
     . Solder - Lead and Tin
     . Electrum - Gold and Silver
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