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    Free notes for I.A.S. PCS CIVIL SERVICES G.K.. dose superlatives :- 22-nov-2017 best ias coaching in chandigarh

    #Highest Biggest - 

    1) Highest Motorable Road - Khardungla-Leh-Manali sector 5682 m.

    2) Highest Non-Military Airport - Leh 3256 m.

    3) Island, Largest - Greenland.

    4) Islands(Group of Islands) Largest - Malaya Archipelago.

    5) Lake, Largest Artificial - Lake Mead (Boulder Dam).

    6) Lake, Deepest - Baikal (Siberia) ; average depth 701 m.

    7) Lake, Highest - Titicaca ( Bolivia) 3854 m above sea level.

    8) Lake, Largest Fresh Water - Superior (50,200 sq km).

    9) Lake, Largest Salt Water - Caspian Sea.

    10) Largest Crater of India - The Lonar in Vidharba region of Maharashtra.

    11) Largest Inland Waterway of India - Kerala.

    12) Largest Barrage of India - Farakka 224 Km.

    13) Largest Tribe - Gond.

    14) Largest Library - National Library Kolkata.

    15) Largest Ocean Island - Middle Andaman.

    16)  Largest River Basin - Ganga Basin.

    17) Largest Estuary - at the mouth of River Hooghly.

    18) Longest Train ( run) in India - Vivek Express.

    19) Longest Rail Tunnel in India - Karbude on Konkan Railway brtween Mokey Hill and Khandala(6.5 km).

    20)Longest Cave of India - Krem um Kwan Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya.

    21) Mountain Peak, Highest in the World - Everest ( Nepal).

    22) Palace, Biggest - Vatican.

    23) Peninsula, Largest - Arabia.

    24) Place, Coldest - Verkhoyansk ( Russia).

    25) Place, Dryest -Death Valley (California).

    26) Place, Hottest - Azizia (Libya).

    27) Planet, Biggest - Jupiter.

    28) Planet, Farthest - Pluto.

    29) Village, Highest - Andean (Chile) 5334 m above sea level.

    30) Wall, Longest - Great Wall of China(2400 Km).

    Krishna Study Academy, an academy with difference known for caring guidance, conducive atmosphere and extra ordinary results is a renowned academy in north India for coaching in Civil Services, Judicial Services and Law Entrance Examinations. KSA, an abode of excellence was set up in 2000 with the avowed aim of giving a new direction to the preparation for these Examinations.

    Over the years the contours of trends of examinations have undergone a change. There has been a paradigm shift in the course contents. The competition has grown stiffer and now poses greater challenges. The candidates therefore need to start preparation for competitive exams right from the start of graduation. The institute has given a new direction to the teaching methods, it has propounded new formulae of success and it has been incessantly shouldering new responsibilities in order to support the students. The institute is committed to bring the quality coaching in Chandigarh and around, which this region was earlier deprived of.

    The institute provides comprehensive yet compact study material prepared by a team of experts. We offer impeccably designed and totally dependable preparatory course by an experienced, dedicated and competent faculty. Besides this the institute also offers  very specialized and carefully designed “FOUNDATION COURSES” for students. This course is meant for all students who want to brush up their subjects right before the competitive examination.

    Nurturing talents and producing extra ordinary results, the principal objectives of this venture are to organise classes integrating lectures on whole of the course, quality enrichment programs, orientation classes, tests, exclusive seminars on how to prepare, and interview sessions.

    As regards past performance we proudly announce the splendid results by our students. The institute has given birth to a cult entrepreneurship, trying out new ways of doing things, not only from academic stand point but also taking overall responsibility for the success of the candidates. Entrepreneurship is not restricted to business alone- here entrepreneurship is desirable and important in making preparation for competitive examinations.

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