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Free Notes For GK And Current Affairs For CLAT Law Entrance And IAS PCS Civil Services Exams

1) Diwan-i-Arz - is associated with military Department.

2) Diwani-i-Bandagani - is associated with Department of Slaves.

3) Diwani-i-Kohli - is associated with Agricultural department.

4) Diwan-i-Wazarat - is associated with Finance Department.

5) Dupleix - was the first European to initiate the policy of taking part in the quarrels of Indian princes with a view to acquiring territories.

6)Durgesh Nandini - was a famous historical novel written by Bankim Chander Chatterji during the latter half of the 19th centuary.

7) Dwarasamudra - was the capital of Hoysalas.

8) Eka Movement of Avadh - stood for non-payment of rent to the government.

9) Elphinstone - was the British General who defeated Peshwa Baji Rao-II.

10) Fatuhat-i-Firozshahi - was written by Firuz Shah.

11) Firdausi - was a Persian poet who wrote Shahnama.

12) First Congress Split - took place in 1907 at Surat.

13) First opposition Leader in Rajya Sabha - was Kamplapati Tripathy.

14) First to issue gold coins in India - were Mauryas.

15) First woman President of the Indian National Congress - was Annie Besant(in 1917).

16) Forward Bloc - was a political party organised by Subhash Chandra Bose after he left the Congress.

17) Grivraja - was the capital of Maghada Kingdom.

18) Guru Granth Sahib was compiled by Guru Arjan Dev.

19) Harshacharitra - was written by Banabhatta.

20) Hasan Gangoo - Entitled Zafar Khan was founded of the Bahmani kingdom in Deccan.

21) Hathi- Gumpha - cave inscriptions in Kalinga are famous for detailing military achievements of kharavela.

22) Hazur Daftar - was the name for the Peshwa's Secretariat at Poona.

23) Idol Worship in India - can be traced to the Pre-Aryan Period.

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